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PLAZA Complex, Infinity Park

The PLAZA building is an elongated building with 8 floors of offices that is part of one of the leading business and hi-tech parks in Israel (known as the Amdocs Complex).
The park includes employment areas of over 72,000 square meters and parking areas of about 50,000 square meters.[1] Since its construction, the complex has boasted full occupancy, by companies of the highest level, including: PHILIPS, ALGOTEC, AMDOCS, as well as the Tax Authority, etc.
An Israel Railway station was recently constructed adjacent to the complex, and the company is currently planning, in collaboration with REIT 1, a unique planning concept for integrating, upgrading and adapting existing structures to create the most advanced and substantial employment park in the entire Sharon region.

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REIT 1 Trust
יזמות ובניה
Saan Zahav Ltd
Natalie Marshal: 09-8859259
Saan Zahav Ltd. in partnership with REIT 1
ניהול המתחם
Epstein Property Management Company Ltd
לקוחות מרכזיים
Amdocs Israel, Tax Authority, Phillips

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